GHOST by Levan MindiashviLi

Ideal Glass in partnership with The Fourth Arts Block invites you to explore the history of Lower East Side and the issues regarding the urbanism and gentrification through two public projects:
Mural “Ghost” by Levan Mindiashvili and video installation “Ideal Avenue” by John Sully.


7pm-8pm /
Artist Talk with Levan Mindiashvili coordinated by curator Keith Schweitzer (FABnyc)

8pm-10pm /
Video installation “Ideal Avenue” by John Sully in dialogue with the mural

The mural “Ghost” is commissioned by Fourth Arts Block and is part of FABLES, a series of public works exploring Lower East Side History. Levan Mindiashvili, whose project investigates gentrification and its effects on architecture and sense of place, describes,”With the mural ‘Ghost’ I want to contribute to a raising awareness in the importance of historical heritage and outline the overwhelming expansion of gentrification and generalization in the contemporary world.”

Audio/Video artist John Sully in collaboration with video designer Scott Fetterman continues his Ideal Video series with his latest project ‘Ideal Avenue’. Inspired by and in concept with Levan Mindiashvili’s mural ‘Ghost’ at the Ideal Glass’ Façade, Sully uses video installation and sound design to add kineticism to the still life beauty of ‘Ghost’.

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