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IDEAL GLASS presents Sweatshop Boogie! Featuring original music by Ideal Orkestra satirizing sweatshop labor in the global fashion industry. Designer Uta Bekaia takes recycled fashion to another dimension with his retro-futuristic glam-funk art-wear for the band.

Lyrics & performance Willard Morgan
Directed Ayakamay
Music John Sully of Ideal Orkestra with Girshel Javakhishvili & Ruco Nishino
Edit Jessie Stead
Inspired the art wear of Uta Bekaia

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Interactive Silent Party
-Inter Dimensional Adult Play Ground-

Feb. 6th 7:00PM - 12:00AM
Suggested Donation: $5 / Dress Code: Express your life story
*Please bring your Core(silence) and Clinging (toys, fave stuffs)

Have you ever had a dream inside of a dream? You wake up from the dream and start doing daily routine.....that "daily life" was also realize it later... My yoga teacher used to say "It's not that different what you do there or here". The left brain is the one that makes the concept of "Linear Time" and "Individual Space Ownership" alive. Without those, we are probably just a fluid-like energy form, floating around in space, sharing, playing the "Life Game"... The only difference between what we call "Real" and "Dream State" is physicality. Yeah, probably what's happening in dreams is really happening in different dimension... I heard there's no more physicality after the 6th dimension Can we experience the 6th dimension at SILeNCe SPeAKs? Ummmm-, maybe possible with Turkish bath sized flotation tank. Well, since the left brain doesn't get visited as often as when we use words, we'll gain more chance to go beyond the cubical separation... You don't mind if the next person is just staring at the wall, or the wall is staring at you... Or, you realize that you are the chair holding a person's "yesterday ass"... above it, breasts are dancing between atoms and atoms smile back...

7PM - 9PM | Cmpletely silent, tune into..." Noise hours"
9PM - 11PM | Rhythm by objects,"Muse hours"
11PM - 12AM | Guest performer Kevin Nathaniel Hylton
As always w/Playable Lighting, Sound Corner, Smiling Healers & Masseuse, Mini Workshoppers, Blank Paper/Toys

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Dec. 20th - 22nd 12:00 - 6:00PM
-OPENING RECEPTION- Thursday Dec. 19th 7:00 - 9:00PM

Open Studio & Holiday Festivities this weekend at Ideal Glass Gallery! The East Village's favorite interdisciplinary media art studio opens its doors for a one-weekend only video installation & gift shop featuring original art works for sale at handsome prices. Join us as we light our annual Ideal Pop-Art Xmas Tree, refreshments served with live music by Ideal Orkestra!

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Mad Supper 2013

Mad Supper 2013
AYAKAMAYPLUS & Ideal Glass Present-

Thursday Octorber 31, 2013

There comes a hungry moment… in everyone's life…
MAD SUPPER takes you into the magical surreal world of KYURICO, where AYAKAMAY / MAKINOMOMOKO present their BUFFET OF HORRORS, and HOTDOG Muffins serve their BLOOD RED HOTS to the Hounds of the NIGHT. Dare to Partake of A JAPANESE VISION of TORTURED DELIGHTS at IDEAL GLASS.

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SWEATSHOP BOOGIE -Williamsburg Fahion Week 2013FW-

Friday September 1, 2013
Villain 50 N. 3rd St. Brooklyn NY

SWEATSHOP BOOGIE is a live performance featuring a brand-spankin' new tune by IDEAL ORKESTRA satirizing sweatshop labor in the global fashion industry. Designer UTA BEKAIA'S bold fall art-wear line takes hand-made, make-shifted, and recycled fashion to another dimension in these retro-futuristic get-ups designed exclusively for this one time only glam-funk runway performance by IDEAL ORKESTRA & the crew of art bandits at IDEAL GLASS... everybody's favorite NYC interdisciplinary media studio!
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Days of a Dandy

IDEAL GLASS presents a new fashion music mini-epic "DAYS OF A DANDY"
"Oscar Wilde once said, "Vanity in the wrong hands is a worthless and damaging pursuit..." or something like that. I didn't know him personally, but I'd sure like to meet his tailor..."
STARRING Willard Morgan as The Dandy with Nora Mundé Gustuson, Uta Bekaia, Sandy the Pomeranian
MUSIC John Sully
DANCERS Jill McPhee, Silvia Fagioli, Joan E. Mann, Charlotte Reardon, Elizabeth South, Kara Zacconi
CHOREOGRAPHY Alessandro Pellicani
MAKE-UP Elexa Cangelosi
EDITING & EFFECTS Sei Smith, Jezzie Sated

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TERRY SMITH'S Capital Revisited

Celestial Matter

August 4, 2013 | 6AM to Midnight
240 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

On Sunday, August 4th, 2013 ESSENTIAL, Resolute Label, Night Shift & Collective Craft will host a premiere gallery party - Celestial Matter. The party will run from 6am until midnight. The craft of many will involved, so prepare yourself for a multi-sensory experience of performance, music, food, drinks, and dancing. Food will be provided by Tabare and Chef Sam Crocker. Cocktails by mixologist D'mitri Bartlett. Special musical performance by funky astro-soul band King Holiday, and incredible DJ sets throughout. The Celestial Matter environment will feature sculpture, installation, painting, photography, and prints by highly regarded emerging artists. Not only is this a chance to see new work – It is an opportunity to acquire art from the leading artists who will influence our generation in years to come. Join us, as we celebrate the talented artists and craftsmen that are actively transforming the creative environment of New York City!
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-Uta Bekaia & Ideal Glass Present-

FAT, fashion and art Toronto Canada : Sat, April 27th
Fashionclash Maastricht Nederlands : Sat, May 31st
Brighton Fashion Week England : Sat, June 15th

THE PURPLE JESTER continues our exploration of the concept of living art-wear. This cross-media performance art project is inspired by medieval European art. The goal is to create a futuristic vision of the art of Hieronymus Bosch, merging historic design concepts with contemporary materials, including production techniques that employ recycled textiles. The show will be presented in an interactive, multi-media live performance environment. Played by performance artist, Willard Morgan, the Purple Jester finds himself traveling through space and time on a quest for romantic fulfillment in a series of seven dream landscapes. Each dream confronts the Jester with an immersive installation in which he must negotiate phantasmagoric manifestations of human realities, including hunger, war, gossip, and sexual desire. The Purple Jester transcends conflict through the strategic implementation of humorous acts.
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-John Sully video installation-

Open: Sat, March 30th - Sat, April 21st

John Sully creator of IDEAL BEACH returns with part 2 of his Ideal Video Series. Ideal Vally is a balloon ride thru the landscape of Cappadocia Turkey projected onto the streets of New York City complete with sound design.(Photo by Scott Fetterman)

TERRY SMITH'S Capital Revisited

TERRY SMITH'S Capital Revisited

See artist TERRY SMITH'S Capital Revisited, the new mural on the facade of Ideal Glass!
Presented with The Drawing Center and The New Museum's Ideas City festival.

IDEAS CITY Street Fest, May 4th from 11am–6pm
Our booth at IDEAS CITY StreetFest on Saturday, May 4th from 11am–6pm will be an open studio where Terry Smith will work with the public to create drawings of capitals using stencils, spray paint, crayon, pencil. Hand-drawn maps will be available for self-guided tours of Capital Revisited, and Terry will conduct two scheduled tours of his work at 12PM and 3PM. Sign up will be first-come, first-serve on May 4th.
The Drawing Center has commissioned artist Terry Smith to create Capital Revisited, a series of wall and window drawings of an architectural capital, referencing Capital, a large-scale drawing Smith created at the British Museum in 1995. Presented as part of IDEAS CITY 2013, the New Museum's biennial festival created to explore the concept of "untapped capital", Capital Revisitedwill be found in sections around the Bowery neighborhood on unexpected indoor and outdoor surfaces. In this context, Smith's project will be a poignant and mischievous investigation of the use and visibility of architecture in public space.


Debtolution 2 at Fountain Art Fair 2013 NYC

Fri, March 8th - Sun, March 10th
Public Opening Reception: March 8th 7pm-12am
69th Regiment Armory (Lexington Ave & 25th Street)
Booth B205

Debtolution is back!!!
Republic Worldwide is proud to announce its participation in the Fountain Art Fair NYC 2013 at the historic 69th Regiment Armory. We are excited to be a part of the centennial anniversary of the original1913 Armory show at the original location. From the initial Armory Show to Duchamp's controversial readymade exhibited under the same roof in 1917, this historic venue is perfectly suited to Fountain's reputation for presenting the delightfully unexpected and scandalously revolutionary.
Represented by Republic Wolrdwide Inc





Debtolution In Miami

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